Rape Crisis: Now Is The Time To Speak

The message in the 2018 rape crisis conference is very strong. Though, for me, it somehow points out that some women are vulnerable and incapable. Yes, I agree with that. However, the mentality should not have to stick with that ideology. Every woman always has a choice. The only problem is, most of them make bad decisions. Honestly, it is not about what a woman can’t do. It is always about what they need to do to end the silent damage of sexual abuse.

Source: media.defense.gov

There’s a discussion about how a woman should take care of themselves in times of harassment. Speakers also include suggestions on how women should pay attention to their surroundings. Truthfully, it seems pretty helpful. However, not all women are prepared because, most of the time, sexual abuse occurs unpredictably. Therefore, there are lots of instances those women, even though they believe they know what to do, cannot handle the momentum.

Another problem with society dealing with sexual harassment and rape cases also includes victim-blaming. Yes, it happens all the time. Too much information gets shown in the media, and a lot of people are gullible to believe it. That instead of helping and comforting the victim, they condemn her for being a vulnerable woman.

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The irony of the situation is evident. A lot of people are not that concerned at all. They may share their opinions regarding a rape case, but they do not fully understand what it is like to be in the victim’s shoes. There are these idiotic people who think they always know better. But not until it happens to them or to someone they know, they realize it is not something they can talk about loudly. Yes, a rape victim should speak of her experience. However, it should not put pressure on her.