Rugby World Cup 2019 In Japan Was A Success

Japan hosts Rugby World Cup 2019, proving that they can pull out the best when it comes to the sport. It was a showdown between Scotland and Japan, and both are after the quarterfinal place in the World Cup. It was one of the most powerful and emotional nights in the competition history of Ruby.


Japanese people who watched the event live or at their homes are very hopeful for the first-ever quarterfinal win of the country. The Japanese supported their team and wished them to win. There are lots of exciting moments and unreal highlights that took the crowds’ energy into the next level. The game rode a wave of emotions that night that makes everyone feels anxious, thrilled, excited, and hopeful.

The game is so intense and physical that some of the players wrestle their way out to get the ball. Both teams know that a single mistake can change the whole vibe of the game, so they tried their best not to let go of the ball. On the first try of the game, the Scotland team got the score. However, after a couple of mishaps, the Japan team managed to stay in the possession and pulled through. The team managed to incorporate a creative team play, which focused more on attacking opportunity. The team put themselves on the line, both attack and defense. And as the countdown is on, Japan became victorious after a very intense physical endurance.


Loudness took over the Yokohama stadium because the Japanese are all chanting and celebrating for the victorious moment. It is the first time in history that the rugby world cup has an Asian quarter-finalist. Thus, it makes all the hardships all worth it. And now, the team is aiming for a bigger goal, and the Japanese people couldn’t wait to support them with all their hearts.